What Is The Timing Of Intraday Trading

There are thousands of stocks to choose from, and day traders can pick virtually any stock. So the first step for a day trader is figuring out what to trade. Once you’ve identified a trading opportunity (one stock, multiple stocks or exchange-traded funds, ETFs, etc.), the next step is figuring out ways to profit from them. Besides, take your intraday trading time seriously to properly get the most out of your trading.

How to do the timing of Intraday trading?

If a question comes to mind, how to make money in intraday trading by timing the market. 

Entry and exit strategies

You may have opened the trading account online, but profiting from it will depend on timing. While there are numerous intraday ways to strategize, the important thing is to follow certain established guidelines by looking for intraday trading signals.


Liquids inventories tend to have high volume numbers. This allows large quantities to be bought and sold without significantly affecting the price. As intraday trading strategies rely on speed and precise timing, a high volume makes it easier to enter and exit trades. Depth is also critical because it shows how much liquidity a stock has at various price levels above or below the current market supply and supply.

Medium to high volatility

Day traders require price movements to make money. Day traders can pick stocks that tend to move a lot, either in dollars or percentages. These two filters often produce different results. Stocks that tend to move 3% or more per day have consistent large intraday movements for trading. The same is true for the stocks that tend to move more than $1.50 a day.

Entry and exit strategies

You may have chosen the sweetest stock globally, but profiting from it will depend on some specific strategies. While there are numerous intraday strategies, the important thing is to follow certain established guidelines by looking for certain intraday trading signals.

News trading 

This is another popular intraday trading strategy. This approach implies that traders must keep in sight all incoming financial news, political and economic events, or anything that could influence price behavior. In this case, the professional’s best friend is the macroeconomic calendar and the coming events, from meetings of global regulators to summits and different conversations and negotiations. 

With experience, many traders create their intraday trading strategy, which can be quite efficient.

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Fundamentals of intraday trading

Opening a trading account online requires traders to be fast and accurate. The faster you make decisions, and the more accurate they are, the better. There will be no time for reflection and hesitation, in-depth analysis, and a slow, systematic approach; That’s why it’s best to limit the number of instruments for intraday trading to a minimum and trade 2-3 assets so as not to overload the investment portfolio or confuse the charts, prices, news, and information.

If you’re new to intraday trading, it will be best to trade a currency pair. Over time, you can easily increase the trader’s number of assets and position volume.

It is very important to decide on the schedule. Considering a huge loss of your physical and emotional state during the trading period, I recommend trading two or three hours a day at the beginning of your intraday trading career – you shouldn’t suffer emotional stress all at once. 

Never set a goal of earning a specific number of points for every trading day. This may put pressure on you, making you feel nervous, leading to rash decisions. Set only goals that you can achieve. 

Get into the habit of stopping intraday trading when situations get out of hand and get out of hand. Also, you should call it a day after several consecutive loss orders – don’t try to get your money back, as this approach won’t do you any good.

Losses only increase if you don’t follow your strategy. Remember that short-term operations must have a theoretical basis in some analysis methodology.

It is important to plan the operation well and operate what you planned. Many traders fail by not following their plan. Many move the stop, zero before the target. In short, they are in no way able to follow their objective. And that influences the final result.

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