What Is CIF Number In SBI?

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In the intricate landscape of banking, the CIF (Customer Information File) number plays a pivotal role, especially in the State Bank of India (SBI). In this article, we delve into the details of what the CIF number is, its importance, and various aspects associated with it for SBI customers.

What Is CIF Number In SBI?

The CIF number in SBI, or Customer Information File number, is a unique identifier assigned to each account holder. It acts as a comprehensive dossier, encapsulating essential details about the customer’s banking relationship with the State Bank of India.

Where Is CIF Number In SBI Cheque Book:

Locating the CIF number in an SBI cheque book is a simple process. The CIF is typically printed on the first page of the cheque book, often near the account holder’s information. Customers can easily identify the CIF number when referring to their cheque book.

What Is CIF Number In SBI Yono:

For users of SBI’s Yono (You Only Need One) app, accessing the CIF number is convenient. Users can find their CIF number by logging into the Yono app, navigating to the account details section, and locating the CIF information displayed on the screen.

CIF Number In SBI Statement:

Customers can also find their CIF number in SBI account statements. The statement provides a comprehensive overview of the account, including the CIF number, ensuring easy access to this crucial identifier.

CIF Number In Cheque Book:

As mentioned earlier, the CIF number is often printed in SBI cheque books. Whether it’s the first page or another designated section, account holders can refer to their cheque book to promptly locate their CIF number.

What Is CIF Number In SBI Online:

Accessing the CIF number online is a common query for SBI customers. Users can find their CIF number by logging into the SBI online banking portal. The CIF information is typically available in the account details section.

CIF Number Of SBI Account Without Passbook:

Customers without a physical passbook need not worry about accessing their CIF number. It can be obtained through alternative means such as online banking platforms, account statements, or by contacting the SBI customer care for assistance.

CIF Number SBI Full Form:

The full form of CIF in SBI is Customer Information File. This file encompasses a wealth of information about the customer, including personal details, account activities, and other relevant data that assist the bank in maintaining a comprehensive record.

SBI CIF Number By Sms:

SBI customers can also retrieve their CIF number through SMS. By sending a speCIFic SMS request from their registered mobile number, customers can promptly receive their CIF number on their mobile devices.


In conclusion, the CIF number in SBI serves as a cornerstone in the banking relationship between the customer and the State Bank of India. Whether accessed through cheque books, online platforms, statements, or other methods, the CIF number is a vital piece of information for account holders.

Understanding where and how to find the CIF number ensures that SBI customers can seamlessly navigate their banking needs, access essential information, and make informed financial decisions. As a key identifier, the CIF number reflects the commitment of SBI to maintaining comprehensive and secure records for each valued account holder.


How Can I Know My SBI CIF Number?

Customers of State Bank of India are issued a CIF number, which is printed in their passbook or on the first page of their cheque book when they open an account.

Where Is CIF Number On Passbook?

Passbook: You will find your CIF no. displayed on the first page of your Account Passbook. Chequebook: Just like the passbook, you can find your CIF number on the first page of your chequebook. The CIF number is however NOT printed on the cheques, which only include the IFSC, MICR, and cheque number.

Is CIF Number And Customer Id Same?

In most cases, yes, the customer ID is the same as the CIF number. What is the IFSC number and how is it different from the Customer Information File number? IFSC means Indian Financial System Code whereas CIF is for Customer Information File. IFSC numbers are for banks and are alpha-numeric codes.

Is CIF Number And Account Number The Same In SBI?

No, CIF Number and account number are two different things. The account number is donated for any account that is opened in the bank. This could savings, fixed, PPF, loans, and more. However, the CIF Number is the customer ID that allows bank to retrieve all the information using the 11 digit number.

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