How can teachers talk about self-confidence enhancing the performance of students?

We see that one of the greatest gifts we can give our students is to instill in them a strong sense of confidence in these times. In doing this, we see that we enable them to be higher achievers as well. We know that confidence breeds success in these times. We see that if students believe they can succeed, they will succeed as well. We see that as teachers, they are in a highly strategic position to instill confidence in our students as they teach as well as interact with them every day as well. They also can make use of software for school management as well. We see that teachers are often so focused on meeting our students’ needs, that we neglect to take care of ourselves. We see that they can eat a healthy diet and be sure to pack nutritious lunches as well as snacks for school. If they exercise regularly, even if it’s a brisk walk every evening as well. They see that if they get sufficient rest and try to go to bed at the same time each night as well. We see that these habits will help them feel and look their best in the classroom as well. We see that the interactions we engage in outside of work matter. They must limit the time they spend with toxic people or with people who generally bring them down. They must remember to spend time with people they enjoy as well. How they interact with their colleagues is also important as well. Are they intimidated by them or can they hold their ground? How they speak over the phone, the way they react when somebody comes to their room unannounced, how they answer the office staff over the intercom—all of these little interactions matter as well. They must be sure to have their lesson plans laid out before they enter the classroom. We see that having their ducks in line gives them peace of mind and enables them to be confident as they present their lessons. We see that if they are unprepared to teach, they can’t model confidence because they’re scrambling around trying to get their act together.

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We see that being prepared to teach also communicates to their students that they are important to them. We see that this gives them confidence as well. We see that when they teach, they must teach with conviction. We see that this means that they believe the content they teach is important. If they are not persuaded that it matters one iota for their students to learn what they are teaching them, they will have a hard time keeping their students engaged in their lesson. Conversely, we see that if they’re persuaded that what they teach their students is going to help them be successful academically as well as, more importantly, in the real world, then they will have a much easier time engaging their students as well. We see that the best way to communicate this is by the way they react when they make blunders in the classroom. When they make an error, make it a non-issue as well. They must acknowledge it, correct it, as well as move on. They must talk about missteps they’ve made in their past and what they learned from them as well. We see that it’s important for students to know that even adults aren’t perfect as well. They must also accept their students’ mistakes with grace. They must just take them in stride as a natural part of learning as well. They must also make sure to never tolerate a student snickering or laughing when a classmate makes a flub as well. They must talk to the student after class and make sure he or she understands why this is unacceptable and not the culture of their classroom as well. We see that when they give students work that stretches them intellectually, it is also forcing them to think at a deeper level or to think outside the box, they are communicating to them that they believe they’re up to the task. This boosts their self-confidence as well. We see that students will usually rise to meet our expectations as well. We see that if we don’t think they can learn much, they likely won’t. We see that if we think they can learn a great deal, they likely will. We see that our nonverbal language often speaks louder than words as well. We see that students pick up on our attitudes as well as beliefs very quickly. They say that they don’t have to verbalize that we think they’re incapable of performing work beyond a certain level as well. We see that by not challenging them, not giving them higher-level work, we’re already communicating that as well. We see that another way to challenge their students academically is to teach them vocabulary. We see that broadening students’ vocabulary banks increase their reading comprehension which directly impacts how much content they learn in class as well. They must also make it a habit to pre-teach vocabulary before beginning a new text as well. We see that they will equip their students for a successful as well as a more enjoyable reading experience, and boost their confidence in the process as well. They must put themselves together nicely in the morning, including clothes, hair, as well as makeup even if it’s just mascara as well as lipstick. They must take care to not dress to impress but just dress in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. They must also make sure in taking those few extra minutes to look polished will pump their confidence as well. We see that it also communicates to their students that they take pride in themselves and their job as a teacher. They can make use of institute erp as well to connect. All this helps in students’ growth. 

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