SomeEssential SEO Tricks

Web positioning in today’s search engines is more important than the design of the website itself. Using a correct and effective SEO targeting strategy helps us target the web. A good web design is of no use to us if it doesn’t show up in the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The main purpose of search engines is simply to provide visitors with the information they are looking for. Search engines analyze all websites published on the web, categorize and index them to understand your content. Thus, when a visitor searches for data, the search engine performs the search on the index page and displays a list of results in an attempt to meet the needs of the customer (people who use the search engine).

Every search engine uses a series of parameters to classify web pages and try to understand their content. In this way, when people search for a certain search term, they are displayed in a list of results. Appearing at the top of the search engine is decisive, and a website’s traffic is largely determined by its position in the search engine. To do this, we have to use certain positioning strategies that help us position ourselves.

Here are some basic SEO service principles for SEO sites. If you want to start targeting a website, you need to start with the following elements 

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SEO Positioning Strategies in Search Engines


Let’s start from the beginning… Keywords are the basis of a page’s ranking in search engines. Google, Bing, or any search engine knows about web pages and categorizes them by the keywords that define them. The first step in web targeting is to define the keywords for which we want to target the page.

This is the first and most important step. We have to choose the most convenient keywords, those that define our project, and those that don’t have much competition for their search engine positioning. For example, if we were specializing in plumbing, we wanted to locate that word, there are currently thousands of plumbing pages, so it would be difficult to locate ourselves at the beginning. So we can use terms like “plumber in Madrid”, “professional plumber”, which are certainly not widely used.

Parameters such as the Title and Metas of the page must be optimized and unique.

This means that each page must be unique, and each page’s Title and Meta tags must be unique and not duplicated. In addition to having to optimize based on the keywords we choose for each page

 The title of each page should be optimized

Google knows that the terms defined with these tags are very important in our text, so they are very important in terms of targeting.

 The text of the page must be optimized

Content is very important for web positioning. Internet search engines analyze page text to try to understand the meaning of the text and thus better understand the validity of the text when it is displayed in the results list.

Friendly URL

The URL of the page must also be optimized and friendly. In this way, we let search engines know what the page is about.

Image optimization

Images must have their Alt and Title properties defined to help Google and other search engines understand what the image is about. Images are also important for web positioning, size, originality, and more.

 Create internal links

By creating SEO company internal links, we will allow search engines to link to the different content of our website.

 Create and maintain sitemaps

We will simplify the work of search engines by creating a map of our website indicating the pages, articles, and publications it contains

 Content is King

You must be committed to high-quality content and be original at all times and the Content marketing is now in the present and the future.

Get quality links

One goal of the one-off development is to get links to our pages from other quality websites: university pages, government pages, popular media, high-traffic pages, etc. This will give us relevance and tell search engines that our content is important.

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