All You Need To Know About Scholarship Exams! 

How do you feel when you want something, and you don’t get it? You feel exhausted and bad, right! Similarly, the student feels when they don’t get the admission they want. We all know that Corona has affected our lives very badly. 

During the pandemic, many got jobless, directly affecting their children’s education. Although online classes are going on with the help of today’s generation, money is everything. If you have the money, you can do anything that you like. You can go on a tour, go to your favorite restaurants and study wherever you want. TET full form (Teacher eligibility test) indicates that the exams are conducted to find out where teachers are well-versed in teaching and extract the best out of them.

But! You may have heard about students studying in their dream university despite not having enough money to pay the tuition fees. So how do they get admission? Well! Our education system and government have given a lot of options through which you can study in your dream college or university despite having less money. 

If you are talented and possess skills, you can get admission anywhere you want through a scholarship test. Yes! You heard it right. Scholarship tests are beneficial to those students who don’t have lots of money but dream about getting admission to their dream college. Many private and government universities provide financial aid to the students who pass the scholarship test. 

Not only in universities, but you can get admission in schools too. In India, there are lots of scholarship programs offered to students. This article will list some of the scholarship programs offered to needy students for studying in India and outside India.

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Let’s have a look at them one by one- 

All India Meritorious Scholarship Test is a national-level scholarship exam for classes 11, 12, and pass out. Prize distribution is as follows– 

  • First prize- Rs. 25,000 (4 students)
  • Second Prize- Rs. 10,000 (40 students)
  • Third prize – Rs. 5000 (80 students) 
  • 80 percentile and above – 1000+certificate

GIIS CV Raman Scholarship Exam- The Global Indian International School CV Raman Scholarship Exam is conducted by Global School Foundation to give a student the prize money of US$ 66,000. This scholarship is helpful for those students who dream of pursuing their senior secondary level education in Singapore. In this scholarship program. It also includes return fare from India to Singapore plus medical benefits. 

 Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana- The Indian Institute of Sciences conducts this fellowship test to inspire students towards the research field. The fellowship given are as follows- 

  • 1st to 3rd year of Bsc/ BS/ BSat/ BMath/ Msc- Rs. 20,000 Annually
  • During 4th to 5th year of integrated Msc/ MS/ M.Math/ M.Stat- Rs. 28,000 Annually. 

Maths Talent Search Examination- This scholarship test is for class 3 – class 9 to test their mental ability and mathematics skills. This test is conducted by the Indian Institute of Studies in Mathematics (IISMA). The prize money of Rs. 3.5 Lakh or more is given to the top 200 students from each batch. 

National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Exam- The government of India offers this scholarship test to support 1,00,000 students whose parental income is less than Rs. 1,50,000. The prize money of Rs. 12,000 is given to each student. 

National Scholarship Test for Youth- Fluorosis Communications Pvt. Ltd organizes this Scholarship Test. This scholarship test is mainly for financially weaker students. The prize money of Rs. 3.5 crores is given to 5000 deserving students and the fee reduction. 


Scholarship exams are a great initiative by the government and other organizations to support needy students. There are lots of other scholarship tests too which you can give. This article can learn about the various scholarship tests conducted each year. 

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