Reasons Why You Should Study Computer Science Engineering

Computers have taken over how the world goes on – in a positive way. Computers and technology have seeped into the deepest recesses of society making lives easier and saving us time, which as wise men say, is the most valuable resource. It is no wonder then that there is a huge demand worldwide for skilled professionals adept in the use of the many applications of computers.

Being from an Indian background, you might be aware of the common “doctor or engineer” choice that most parents put before their children. While their reasoning for this might not be justified, there is no denying that getting a degree from one of the best private engineering colleges in India for computer science is going to put your career on a trajectory to success. Read on to find out why deciding to get a computer science degree might be the best choice you can make.

Table of Contents

  1. High Paying and Diverse Jobs
  2. Necessary Part of Modern Society
  3. Continuously Evolving Field and Career Trajectory
  4. Travel and Freelancing Friendly
  5. High Job Satisfaction
  6. Useful Even for Other Careers
  7. Great Learning Opportunities
  8. FAQs
  • High Paying and Diverse Jobs

Since almost every industry in the world today rely on technology of some sort, computer engineers have a broad playing field when it comes to job opportunities. Computer Science Engineering (CSE) trains you in a variety of skills that can find use in virtually any industry you can think of. The demand for graduates from some of the best CSE colleges in India is so high that many of these people go on to work in foreign countries, where the supply of computer engineers is much lower than their demand.

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These are some of the highest-paying jobs in the world too, with Forbes putting computer engineers in the top 10 earners in 2016. There are a variety of fields within computer science itself, which open the doors to a plethora of jobs in each sub-field. Some of the common job profiles are listed below:

Job Profile Average Starting Salary (INR)
Mobile App Developer 2 – 4 LPA
Computer Network Architect 2.5 – 5 LPA
UI Developer 3 – 5.5 LPA
Cyber Security Specialist 3 – 6 LPA
Software Developer 4 – 6 LPA
Data Analyst 2 – 6 LPA
Java Developer 3.5 – 7 LPA
  • Necessary Part of Modern Society

Getting a CSE degree from one of the top computer science engineering colleges in Jaipur guarantees your future career. Let us face it – computer engineers are not going anywhere in the future. If anything, their demand is only going to increase as more and more advancements are made in the field of technology creating more roles for them to fulfil. A few years ago, people would have laughed if you told them about connected or smart vacuum cleaners, cars, or fridges. However, they are a stark reality for anyone to see now. Even wars are now dependent on internet connectivity.

  • Continuously Evolving Field and Career Trajectory

Computer science as a field is continuously evolving, and new job roles are being available with every advance in technology. Computer engineers learn a variety of skills like programming, problem-solving, advanced mathematics, etc., that are applicable in a plethora of fields including but not limited to robotics and automation, software development, network security, artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc.

Arya College Jaipur has a comprehensive syllabus for computer science engineers that prepares students to excel in the field of their choice. For example, if you get into mobile app development as an IOS app developer and do not find interest in it, you could always switch to making android applications. Or even to a completely different sub-field of computer science like machine learning models if you choose to.

  • Travel and Freelancing Friendly

With the huge demand for computer science professionals internationally, it is no wonder that it is one of the best fields to work in if you like to travel. Computer science professionals often need to travel to other countries to work on international projects. Some even choose to settle down in foreign countries as the demand for them is quite high, wherever you go. Freelancers abound in the computer science industry, as they are more cost-effective for companies than full-time workers. Experienced freelancers often work in multiple companies, pulling high salaries and working from wherever they choose.

  • High Job Satisfaction

Computer Science engineers from the best CSE colleges in India are reported to have one of the highest job satisfaction rates in any industry. The high pay with flexible working options is one reason for this. Another is the builder’s pride – any computer engineer can vouch for the satisfaction of building something from nothing, whether it be a software feature or solving a previously thought ‘unsolvable’ problem through their programming skills.

Computers have become invaluable tools for solving multiple problems in various social fields. This is another reason why computer science professionals report such high job satisfaction rates. From using AI models for making drugs and mapping genomes to cure deadly diseases; to forecasting storms and making software to aid musicians – computer science engineers are doing it all.

  • Useful Even for Other Careers

The best private engineering colleges in India inculcate their computer science engineering students will skills that come in handy even if they choose to have a career in other fields. One of the best examples of this is entrepreneurship – students who choose to open their own businesses are already equipped with skills that are needed in modern times. They can design their own websites, analyse and manage their data, make online advertising campaigns and do so much more.

  • Great Learning Opportunities

The life and career of a computer science engineer are filled with learning opportunities at every step. They always have to keep up and learn new skills in their domains to keep up with the industry. Even as a student, they are exposed to multiple internships, scholarship opportunities, hackathons, etc., that bolster their learning while providing a great platform to showcase their skills.

If all these reasons aren’t enough for you to be sold on the idea that doing computer science engineering is one of the best things you can ever do for your career… maybe your mother’s slipper will. Jokes apart, the demand for computer science engineers is here to stay, as are the multiple benefits we have already listed. Sign up for the CSE course at Arya College Jaipur today to be a part of one of the best careers in the modern world.

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  • Are Software Engineering and Computer Science Engineering the same thing?

No, they are not. Software engineers work with software, writing or dealing with code on a regular basis. Computer science is a much broader term and while computer science students may have to write code too, it is not compulsory – it all depends on the job role.

  • Can I work in the aerospace industry after graduation from CSE?

Yes, you can. CSE deals with many subjects that can be found in aerospace engineering too, like mathematical models, robotics, algorithms, etc. Focusing on these specific subjects and developing your skills in them will definitely help you to land a job in the aerospace industry.

  • Is it necessary to have a computer to study Computer Science Engineering?

No. You can study CSE without owning a computer too. A computer can be useful for practising your programming skills at home though.

  • Can I do CSE if my English is not good?

Yes, you can. However, we would advise you to brush up on your English language skills as most books are in English and it is the preferred language for job interviews.