How Hotel Management is different from hospitality Management?

Hotel management and hospitality management are often used as synonyms for each other. They both have certain things in common, but they do have differences. If you are looking to make a career in either of the two streams, but are not clear about the difference between them. Then you need to read this article to understand the similarities and differences between the two and about the best University in Madhya Pradesh.

Table of contents
  • What is hospitality management?
  • What is the hotel management?
  • Difference between Hospitality and hotel management
  • Career opportunities in Hospitality management
  • Career Opportunities in Hotel Management
  • Mansarovar Global University
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is hospitality management?

The Hospitality industry is a broader term, which includes the Hotel industry, Travel, food & beverages, event management, and relaxation industry. And  Management of the everyday operational, managerial, and promotional operations in the hospitality industry is known as hospitality management.

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What is the hotel management?

Hotel management is the management of all the elements related to hotel operations. Hotel managers supervise and manage the day-to-day activities in a hotel. In hotel management courses, students study different departments such as room division, housekeeping, food & beverages, and front office and their work in detail. 

Difference between Hospitality and hotel management

  1. Area of work– The focus of hotel management is to look after the smooth functioning of only the hotel industry whereas Hospitality management, a wider term focuses on the functioning of different industries such as food & beverages, travel, event management, etc.
  2. Job opportunities– Hotel management graduates will receive job opportunities that are specific to the hotel industry such as chef, front office manager, housekeeping, etc. whereas hospitality management. Whereas hospitality management graduates will receive job opportunities in tours & travel companies, event management companies, the aviation industry as well as the hotel industry. And if you are a student of the best University in Madhya Pradesh, MGU, you do not have to worry about job opportunities, the college will take care of your placement.
  3. Remuneration– In hotel management, as a fresher, you will get a lower salary package as compared to hospitality management. However, with some years of experience, the salary in both industries is good.

Career opportunities in Hospitality management

  1. Events Manager
  2. Accommodation Manager
  3. Catering Manager
  4. Executive Chef
  5. Restaurants Manager

Career Opportunities in Hotel Management

  1. Hotel Manager
  2. Chef
  3. Administrative jobs- sales/HR/accounts manager
  4. Security manager
  5. Housekeeping manager
  6. Front office manager
  7. Banquet Manager

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Mansarovar Global University

MGU is a private University in Bhopal that is a part of the Mansarovar group of institutions. This university offers a stress-free learning environment and values education for its students. Situated on the Sehore, this University runs various courses in the field of fashion & animation, pharmacy, management, arts & humanities, law, hotel management, ayurveda, etc.

Department of Hotel management

This department of MGU offers Undergraduate and masters in hotel management. The course curriculum of MGU is developed keeping in mind international standards of the hospitality business. MGU has also included a 12 weeks internship program in their curriculum which will introduce you to the corporate world.

Let’s check out the courses offered by MGU-

  • Undergraduate courses

  1. BBA in hospitality & hotel administration- This is an undergraduate course of 3 years that is suitable for students who are interested in hospitality and hotel management both. This course is better than BBA in hotel management.  You will learn operations management, event production, entrepreneurship, marketing, and technology concepts and tactics. 
  2. Bachelor of hotel management and catering technology- This course is of 4 years duration. And is suitable for students who want to make a career in hotel marketing, guest services, HR, and revenue management.
  3. BSC ( Hospitality & hotel administration)-  This program is offered by one of the leading hotel management colleges in Bhopal. This course is of 3 years course duration, and you will learn about sales management, financial planning, entrepreneurship, human resource management, governance, and policy. 

Eligibility criteria

To pursue graduation in hotel management at MGU, a student should clear 10+ 2 with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent.  As per the state government, relaxation will be given to reserved category students.

  • Post Graduate course

  1. Masters in hotel management- MA in hotel management is a 2 years course that enables you to have a deeper understanding of the hotel industry and you will be ready to serve this industry with international standards.

Eligibility Criteria of best University in Madhya Pradesh- Hotel management courses

To pursue post-graduation in hotel management at MGU, a student should clear graduation preferably in hotel management with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent.  As per the state government, relaxation will be given to reserved category students.

MGU-  Hotel management colleges in Bhopal fees structure

The approximate fee for these courses is BHM, BHMCT, and BBA 60,000 Per year.

Final Thoughts,

Great career options exist in both hotel and hospitality management, and these fields’ distinctions allow individuals to pick whether they want to work in the hotel industry or hospitality. It all depends on you and your love for either industry in the end. Knowing the major distinctions between hotel management and hospitality management will enable you to select the career path that is ideal for you. And once you choose the industry, get yourself enrolled in MGU, the best University in Madhya Pradesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which country is best for hospitality jobs?

All the countries’ major source of income comes from the tourism & travel industry offers the best hospitality jobs with handsome pay packages. Some of the countries are- Maldives, Canada, Seychelles, Switzerland, and Mauritius. 

  • What are the disadvantages of a career in the hospitality industry?

Although you will be working in beautiful and luxurious properties you need to be committed to working for longer working hours than other industries. And if you are a part of the housekeeping department, you will be required to perform physical work like carrying luggage, etc.

  • What is the scope of BSC in hotel management?

Many international hotel chains are planning to enter India and the post covid, travel tourism sector is booming which is resulting in a huge number of openings in this industry. You can find jobs in these sectors including cafeteria management, clubs, airline catering (flight kitchen), hospital administration and catering, cruise ship hotel management, and hotel and tourism associations.

  • Which are the prominent hotel chains that hire hotel management graduates?

A list of Prominent hotel chains which hire hotel management graduates is as follows-

  • Taj Group of hotels
  • Oberoi Group of hotels
  • Hilton Group
  • ITC hotels 
  • Radisson Hotel Group
  • Hyatt
  • Ginger Hotels
  • Welcome Heritage group of hotels
  • Oyo and others.

If you take hotel management courses from the best University in Madhya Pradesh, it will be easy for you to get jobs here.

  • What is the salary of a hotel management graduate?

As a fresher, the average salary of a hotel management graduate is 2.5 LPA.