How a PG Interior Designing Course Can Boost Your Career?

Numerous opportunities for both personal and professional growth are presented by the interior design industry’s constant change. As a result, a designer or artist may find it enjoyable and satisfying to pursue a profession in interior design. 

But did you know that if you want to advance your interior design profession, pursuing a PG interior designing course can be the best choice for you? If not, then visit our blog, where we will explain how enrolling in a postgraduate programme in interior design can significantly enhance your career prospects. 

PG Interior Designing- Course Overview 

An excellent method to start a career in the interior design sector is to take the PG Interior Design course, which was created by professionals holding years of expertise. To make the students industry-ready, this course provides both theoretical and practical training. Below is a list of some interior design course specifics:

Level of Education Postgraduate 
Duration 2 years
Basic Eligibility Criteria Candidates must have earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or institution in any field. 
The minimum required score on the bachelor’s degree exam, or an equivalent, is 55%. 
Average Course Fee Ranges from INR 2,75,000 to 3,00,000 per year

In what ways can a PG interior designing course advance your career?

A postgraduate programme in interior design may be a smart decision for people who want to improve their creativity, inspiration, and innovation for career advancement. However, given below are some excellent features of these courses; provided by several institutions in Bangalore.

  • Advanced Knowledge and Skills

While you can learn the principles of interior design in a basic course, a PG course dives further into the topic and gives you advanced knowledge and skills. Moreover, a thorough understanding of ideas such as complex design principles, space planning, colour psychology, sustainable design practises, and much more will also enable you to approach complicated design challenges with assurance and accuracy.

  • Industry Connections

The opportunity to interact with professionals and experts in the field is one important advantage of enrolling in PG interior design courses in Bangalore. Additionally, many renowned colleges, such as the LISAA School of Design, have partnerships with top architectural firms, manufacturers, and manufacturers, allowing students to engage and network with professionals who are presently employed in the area. 

  • Specialisation Opportunities

A wide variety of specialisations exist within interior design, from residential to commercial, hospitality to healthcare, and more. You can have the choice to choose a specialisation with an advanced degree in interior design that fits with your hobbies and professional objectives. 

  • Portfolio Development

Before evaluating designers for projects or jobs, clients and employers frequently consult their designers’ portfolios to gauge their abilities. As a result, the interior design schools in Bangalore make an effort to provide you with plenty of chances to work on real-world assignments so you can create a wide and impressive portfolio that highlights your skills, originality, and adaptability. Additionally, the job market for interior designers is expected to rise by 19–20% over the next decade, so building your portfolio today might expand your career possibilities. 

  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Even though many interior designers work for architecture firms or design studios, taking a PG course in interior design can open the door to entrepreneurship. You will feel confident enough to launch your own interior design company with the knowledge and skills you acquire during the course. You will also be able to establish yourself as a prosperous entrepreneur by learning about the business aspects of the field, such as client management, budgeting, marketing, and project management.

  • Exposure to the Latest Trends and Technologies

New trends, materials, and technology are frequently introduced in the interior design sector, which is a sector that is always evolving. As a result, earning a PG Diploma/MBA in Interior Designing from the LISAA School of Design guarantees that you keep current with industry trends. Additionally, you will learn about cutting-edge design methods, and new fashions, and get first-hand exposure to industry-leading tools. 

  • Enhanced Earning Potential

A PG course in interior design results in improved career possibilities, higher remuneration packages, and the power to bargain for more lucrative projects or contracts. You will also be viewed as a highly qualified professional in the field if you have advanced knowledge and skills, specialised expertise, and a solid portfolio.

Career Options after Completing a PG in Interior Design

There are currently almost 10,000 available on, about 1,000 jobs on Indeed, 261 jobs or more on Monster, and more than 5,000 jobs available on LinkedIn for interior designers. Nevertheless, the different job options available after a PG diploma in Interior Design are:

  1. Colour Consultant
  2. Interior Decorator
  3. Production Designer
  4. Retail Interior Designer
  5. Corporate Interior Designer 
  6. Kitchen Designer
  7. Exhibition Designer

Summing Up 

Overall, enrolling in a PG interior designing course can be a career game-changer because it offers a wealth of advantages, from greater knowledge to increased earning potential.  And, if you are ready to take your passion for interior design to new heights, consider investing in a PG course and watch your career soar.


  1. Which fundamental principles are covered in an interior design course?

In an interior design programme, the seven fundamental principles of interior design—balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion and scale, emphasis, contrast, and details—are given the utmost significance. Any space, including the living room or bathroom, can benefit from applying these ideas.

  1. How much can PG (Interior Designing) graduates make on average in India?

The starting wage for PG in Interior Design graduates ranges from INR 20,000 to 40,000 per month. But, senior professionals can anticipate earning between INR 25–30 LPA.

  1. Do interior designers require the ability to draw?

Since sketchings are the first place you should start when planning the arrangement of a room and the finer points of the scheme, drawing skills are an essential component of the interior design process.

  1. Which is the most sought-after profession following an interior design course?

The positions of interior designers and interior decorators are the most in-demand career options after completing an interior design education due to the increased need to plan and build practical spaces as the population grows and the need for new residences and commercial space increases.

  1. Does the LISAA School of Design conduct any admission tests?

Yes, to secure admission at the LISAA School of Design, you shall appear for the LISAA CAT, which is used to assess a candidate’s competence, power of observation, innovation, design ability, general knowledge, English Comprehension, etc.

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