The Benefits of Pursuing Bsc Course: A Complete Guide 

Are you planning to make a flourishing career in undergraduate Bsc degree programs? If yes, you must know the countless benefits of pursuing a Bsc degree course from the best university in Mumbai. 12th pass-out students from the Science stream either go with medical/engineering or Bsc degree courses. The number of BSc-pursuing students is more than the number of MBBS or BTech students. 

Bsc courses are 4-year-long courses and provide multiple career opportunities in both public and private sectors. The versatility of this degree program makes it one of the most desirable degree programs among students. 

Students like you who have dreamed of making a career through a Bsc degree must read this blog as it contains all the necessary information related to the Bsc course of the best university in Mumbai

About Bsc Degree Program

Bsc or Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate degree program with the aim to provide in-depth knowledge of subjects related to science & technology. The basic duration of the program is four years (eight semesters). 

Types of Bsc Courses

Well, you will find various types of Bsc courses in India like, Bsc Home Science, Bsc Life Science, Bsc Zoology, etc.
These are conventional Bsc courses and now as time moves drastically, the changes occur also in Bsc programs. Popular universities like Delhi University and Universal AI University provide most demanding Bsc programs such as;

Quick Facts about Bsc Course 

Course NameBachelor of Science 
Types of Bsc CoursesBsc AI & ML and Bsc Business Analytics
Course Duration4 Years
Basic Eligibility Min of 65% in Class 10th & 12th
Admission ProcessUBSAT and Personal Interview 
Higher Degree OptionsMsc, B.ed, MBA, PG Diploma
Best University for Bsc courses Delhi University, IP University, Universal AI University 

5 Benefits of Pursuing Bsc Course at Universal AI University, Mumbai 

Among private universities in Maharashtra, Universal AI University is the best private university in Maharashtra and offers Bsc courses in two majors called Bsc AI and ML and Bsc Business Analytics. 

The degree program offers countless benefits to candidates of Bsc degree courses. Here are the following benefits that a Bsc degree offers;

Specialized Knowledge: BSc courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding in a specific field of study, such as artificial intelligence, business analytics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, mathematics, or environmental science. This specialization allows students to develop a strong foundation and expertise in their chosen area, making them highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. 

Career Opportunities: A BSc degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Many industries and sectors value individuals with a scientific background and actively seek graduates with BSc degrees. Whether it’s research and development, healthcare, technology, environmental science, or data analysis, a BSc degree can provide you with the necessary qualifications and knowledge to pursue diverse career paths. 

Practical Skills: BSc programs often emphasize hands-on learning, laboratory work, and practical applications of scientific concepts. This approach helps students develop essential practical skills, such as experimentation, data analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific methodology. These skills are highly valued in various professional settings and can enhance your employability. 

Research Opportunities: BSc programs frequently offer research opportunities to students. Engaging in research projects can deepen your understanding of a specific subject, enable you to contribute to the scientific community, and enhance your analytical and investigative skills. Research experience can be valuable for future academic pursuits, such as pursuing postgraduate studies or a career in academia. 

Personal Growth and Intellectual Development: Pursuing a BSc degree involves a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges students to think critically, analyze complex problems, and seek evidence-based solutions. This process fosters personal growth and intellectual development, honing skills such as logical reasoning, communication, and creativity. Additionally, studying science can cultivate a sense of curiosity, wonder, and appreciation for the natural world, fostering lifelong learning.

Admission Process of Bsc Degree Program

The admission process of Bsc degree at the best university in Mumbai consists of four vital steps such as;

Step 1

Application Process

  • Fill out the application form through the official website of Universal AI University 
  • The application fee is INR 2000 / USD 25 / GBP 20 / EUR 22

Step 2
Documents Required 

  • Academic Mark Sheets – 10th, 12th 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Two Letters of Reference – School/College/Employer
  • Extra-curricular or Co-curricular activities

Step 3


  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes 100 questions (No Negative Marking)
  • Test Format – Aptitude Test & Psychometric Test
  1. English Language & Comprehension – 20%
  2. Quantitative Ability 20%
  3. Global & Indian Current Affairs – 20%
  4. Analytical & Logical Reasoning 20%
  5. Green Thinking and Creativity 20%

Exemption from UBSAT, if the candidate has already given SAT / ACT / PEARSON / UGAT / CUET/ JEE / MHTCET / WBJEEE.

Step 4

Personal Interview

After a successful clear UBSAT, Universal AI University calls the candidates for personal interviews. All personal interviews are conducted via Zoom meetings. 

Why Universal AI University should be best for Bsc Courses? 

Universal AI University provides two major Bsc specialisations which prepare candidates for the advanced business world. Universal AI University is the best Artificial Intelligence University that offers Bsc AI and ML degree programs with great career opportunities. 

Here are the top reasons that you should consider University AI University for a Bsc degree course;

  • 100% placement in top MNCs
  • Advanced curriculum 
  • Skilled and experienced faculty 
  • Advanced labs 
  • Internship opportunities
  • Workshops and Events
  • Scholarships 
  • Great Career Exploration Opportunities


Bsc degree is beneficial for those students who are actually serious about making their career with Bsc degree programs. These days students are more inclined towards Bsc programs like Bsc AI and ML and Bsc Business Analytics because such courses are highly in-demand and provide handsome salary packages. The best university in Mumbai allows students to upgrade their skills as per the standards of the global market. 


What are the benefits of choosing a Bsc degree course?

Bsc degree opens various career opportunities for the candidates. The course allows students to work as data scientists, lab technicians, biotechnologists, physiologists and business analysts. 

What are the popular types of Bsc degree courses? 

At Universal AI University, you will get to see two types of Bsc such as Bsc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Bsc Business Analytics. 

What are the types of skills required for a Bsc degree course? 

To earn a Bsc degree with good grades, you need to have certain skills such as good communication skills, team management skills, and brilliant observation skills. 

What is the average salary package of Bsc degree holders? 

According to the payscale, the Bsc fresher earns around 4-5 LPA. But with more work experience, the salary goes around 10-15 LPA. 

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