Get hands-on experience from an internship in sports management at W88Mobi Sports Partners

W88 believes that real-world experience is a huge advantage when you’re looking into what you can do with a sport management degree. In order to break into the industry, internships are often a necessity. 

Internships are the most important factor when evaluating entry-level job candidates in a survey of 2,000 senior sports industry executives conducted by Sport Business Journal.

Internships at W88mobi Sports Partners allow you to put your newly acquired knowledge to use in the real world of a sports organization. Interns learn from the experiences of more experienced professionals, improve their interpersonal skills, and broaden their professional networks. A job offer can come as a direct result of exceptional performance as an intern in some cases.

Be proactive in your search for a sport management internship by contacting local organizations and job boards such as W88. Inquire about working as an intern with sports leagues or associations, professional sports teams and university athletic departments, private clubs, and community athletic centers.

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Connect with experts in W88

A small world exists in the sports industry. Developing strong professional relationships can be a powerful tool in advancing your career goals at W88. Your school can put you in touch with knowledgeable people who can help you with your project. Alumni, career center staff, and professors who are currently employed in the field may be able to offer advice and point you in the right direction.

Send these W88’s professionals copies of your cover letter, resume, and any social media accounts you may have. You’ll be able to use their feedback to improve your materials and demonstrate your involvement in sport management by gathering their input. Effective documents can make or break your chances of getting an interview with a prospective employer.

Staying involved in a professional network of W88 can help you spot opportunities for advancement in your career. Conference attendance, organization membership, and social media posting in groups can help you stay on top of industry developments and uncover promising job opportunities.. Finding the right events and organizations for your interests can be made easier if you have the assistance of a faculty advisor or career coach.

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