Chain Restaurants in California that Ought to Be in the Whole US

It can be annoying, when you’re a fast-food fan visiting California from another state. You get into a fantastic fast-food joint, and then you wonder why the heck the restaurant isn’t opening a location in your own state. What makes California so darn special?

Of course, this whole discussion starts with the famous In-N-Out. A lot of people around the US consider it as one of the greats in the entire fast-food/fast casual industry. But they’re mainly in California, with a few locations in Texas, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. They have to know that the US has more states than that, right? 

With In-N-Out in mind, here are some other chain restaurants that should be spreading out across the whole country:

Super Duper Burgers

Based mainly in the Bay Area, the brand is quite Californian with its emphasis on sustainability. It even uses fully compostable packaging. But the food isn’t as “woke” as you might think, and you’re not getting whole wheat bread with just tofu burger inside. 

Instead, they’re offering giant burgers that are so juicy they’re downright addictive. Their signature burger features a couple of 4-ounce patties, dripping in cheese and accompanied by house-made pickles. They’re messy to eat, but no one cares. 

They go great with the garlic fries, and the side of house-made mayo. Sure, you do have the option of matching the meal with some strange spiked organic shake, but that burger is just fantastic. 

Farmer Boys

This is one of the fastest-growing chain burger restaurants in the industry, and they even boosted their sales since 2019 during the pandemic. They now have a hundred locations. Yet they’re mainly in California, with a few locations in Las Vegas and a single joint in Arizona.  

The people behind the brand are literally farmer boys, as they grew up on a farm. That means they grew up knowing the importance of fresh, natural ingredients. Their beef and other ingredients are all sourced naturally, with the beef prepared with no antibiotics and hormones. 

These burgers are just so divine in its freshness, that it has to be spread all over the country. But somehow, they offer great treats for really low prices (view Farmer Boys menu prices), and that’s another reason it has to get to your state. 

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Alberto’s Mexican Food

This brand is mainly found in Southern California, but again, they really ought to spread out. While other states may have their own Mexican restaurants, this brand goes all out. 

Take their famous carne asada fries. They start with a hot fresh bedding of French fries. Then they pour over a lot of beef, plenty of guacamole, a bit of sour cream, and some cheese. That’s just great.

Their entire menu is filled with such treats, and you can come here for every meal. You can start your day with a breakfast of chilaquiles and huevos rancheros. And then for lunch and dinner, or even for snacks in between, you can go with tortas, burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and an inventive range of combination plates. 

Dino’s Famous Chicken

Yes, there are plenty of great chicken brands in the fast-food industry. And your town probably has one such location, whether it’s Popeye’s Chick-fil-A, or even just a KFC. But you won’t object to a Dino’s if it comes up. In fact, it might just be your new favorite, especially when you get the chicken. 

It’s not as if Dino’s only serves chicken, mind you. You do have burgers and hotdogs here, along with other sandwiches. There are even burritos on the menu. 

But it’s the grilled chicken that’s the star of the show, which you need to pair with their fries. It uses a special seasoning blend that somehow combines both Greek and Latino flavors. Once you get a taste, you’ll want to get it on a regular basis back home. So far, they’re just in LA. 

The Hat

You can find locations of The Hat in southern California, but you’ll wish that it opens a spot in your town. Its menu is filled will classics that they make with just-right perfection. 

The star may be the pastrami dip, with pastrami that melts in your mouth even as the crust is perfectly salty. But many items in the menu are just as good, such as the onion rings, the freshly grilled burgers, and the great gravy fries. You can even put an unlimited amount of pepperoncini on your sandwiches and fries, in case you want to really spice things up. 

Mendocino Farms

This place started out in 2005 in a Starbucks location that failed, and the married couple simply opened up a sandwich shop with premium ingredients and a careful commitment to detail and quality. Now it’s 2022, and they’re still doing the same thing, just with more locations in California and Texas. 

They sure offer a varied menu that really tickles your taste buds. It can be their “Not So Fried” chicken topped with some sort of Rice Krispies that will get your attention. Or you can go with the pork belly banh mi, which you can just pair with some roasted oyster mushrooms spiced with shawarma. The menu has something for everyone, including vegans. 

Hopefully, you’ll find these brands opening up in your town! 

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