Why a Stock Advisor is Important in India? 

Investing can be extremely challenging and difficult. Initially, investing in the stock market wasn’t an easy process. One needed to be physically present at the exchange. One has to either use sign language or had to be vocal about all their buy and sell orders. It was difficult as an individual to do so. Having a stockbroker was beneficial as they happened to streamline the process. They would help traders and investors to make investing easy. They provided complete trading assistance making the lives of traders and investors easy. 

With the help of the internet trading evolved. Traders and investors were able to trade through a hands-on approach. All they needed was the platform a broker provided where they carried out all the trading activities. As trading is all the more accessible discount brokers took the trading world by storm. Traders began using these services with brokerages maximizing their profits. This is only beneficial for those who have experience. First time investors might find this approach not very useful as they do not have much information about trading. As a novice trader, it can be difficult to understand how the stock market works. 

A stock advisor can play a crucial in such situations. There are many mistakes a trader can make especially when they start their trading journey. A few of these mistakes are

Lack of Research 

Traders can blindly listen to trading advice given by friends, family, and strangers alike. They tend to just listen to it and get convinced easily and carry out trades. There’s no guarantee of profits and in such cases, the traders don’t know when to exit. This can be a harmful way to trade mostly leading to losses.

Following Hypes or Trends

Traders tend to see some trending stocks on social media and in the news and invest in them. This also includes trading stocks associated with big names without actually taking the time and effort to research those stocks. This could lead to losses as you might not be aware when the trend reverses and huge losses are realized.

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Emotional Investing

New traders tend to associate their emotions with trading. They get extremely happy when their investments perform well and show remorse when their portfolio incurs a loss. They tend to hold onto these losses in the hope of them turning a profit that may never come. This can have a negative impact leading it to lose all the more value especially when proper research hasn’t been done regarding the investment. 

Lack of Diversification 

Traders tend to invest in one sector when they start as it looks profitable to them. This leads to them putting all their eggs into one basket. This is extremely dangerous negating all the gains with huge losses.

Zero Planning

Any form of investment involves large amounts of planning. For trading in the stock market, a plan or a strategy is a must. Creating a strategy can help you have a seamless trading experience ensuing to don’t panic in market volatility.

The Role of a Stock Advisor

The stock advisor plays a crucial role in the above mentioned situations. Novice traders must approach an advisor. As a stock advisor, one must assist traders as much as possible. The first and foremost thing to do is understand the trader and their needs. Every investor has different investing goals and knowing all of them will you create a good strategy. It’s important to understand the risk taking capabilities of the investor and the capital they have to invest in the stock market. With all his information you must be capable of formulating an investment plan which helps the investor meet his investing goals. 

By definition, a stock advisor recommends the right avenues of investment after analyzing not only the performance of various securities but also your risk-taking capacity and interests. Stock advisors are registered with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and are provided with a registration number. As an advisor, your main goal is to assist traders and investors in everything related to the stock market and trading. Your knowledge plays a crucial role in the assistance you can provide. 


A stock advisor is a great profession if you have a knack for trading and helping out others while doing so. A stock advisor must recommend stocks and various funds to investors based on their goals. Although it sounds simple and easy, it is extremely difficult to churn through all the available data and come up with a strategy that can benefit your client. This profession can be easy yet challenging as it involves helping others with their investments which can they can be extremely emotional about, especially when they incur losses. 

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