What to do with your cat during the holidays: everything is fixed

When on vacation, some owners decide to go with their cats. Some were afraid to leave him alone at home to arrange a visit and not to feel alone. Some people choose to give their twins a foster family or a place to live. All adjustments are possible, and the best is the one that bothers the animal the least because the cat hates changing its behavior. Let’s take a look at each answer, whether you are taking your cat on vacation with it or not.

Go on vacation with your cat

Even if we take all the necessary steps to allow the cat to walk in complete peace, strengthening him with his favorite toy, this is not the best solution. Cats do not want to be disturbed and pushed. If you do not have an option, it is important to have a cage that is wide and well equipped to make Tomcat feel comfortable in it. Trips can be long, be it a train, a car, or an airplane.

At some point, it is helpful to show her inner and outer condition and spend more time with her on the first date to strengthen her. A Feline love cat that is not at home needs more attention than usual. We also had to make sure that we had a small, small place to hide in a quiet little room, away from the usual family routine. He will feel better.

Yes, walking around with your cat’s health records is important, and animals are quickly vaccinated. Before you leave, a brief visit to the veterinarian is essential, especially if you plan to spend the day with your cat in some places.

You can leave your cat at home in holidays

Most people do not take cats on vacation for a variety of reasons:

  • Their recreation area does not accept pets,
  • Their cats can’t stop moving,
  • They do not want their young friends to suffer from this temporary relocation.
  • Whatever the reason, as long as everything is in order, he misses nothing, and he is not alone for long, it is possible to keep the cat at home during the holidays. It can be done.

Schedule daily visits with loved ones

Giving the keys to your home or apartment to someone you trust is a reassuring answer. The cat receives daily food and clean water, its waste is constantly changing, and it is not alone. It is best to schedule a visit for an hour or two a day, and if possible, from time to time. The assignment may be assigned to a family member, friend, neighbor, or coworker whom the cat already knows.

In addition to keeping animals, people can take care of indoor and outdoor plants or pick up a letter in the mailbox.

This pet sitting system is free when changed depending on the function. On the other hand, if it is a paid service provided to a specialist, 12 to 18 euros is calculated for each visit home.

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Offer cat care to a certified sitter

The answer involves hiring a full-time caregiver who simply spends time caring for cats in the house day or night. In the latter case, it means that the cat sitter is sleeping in a place. This is work that requires the signing of contracts. This is to be said:

  • Shopping centers,
  • working hours (first and last days),
  • salary,   
  • pet owner’s signature,
  • Speaker’s signature.

The cat contract should also state if the owner allows the cat to refer the cat to a veterinarian if necessary. Many online sites include pet owners and pet keepers (cat sitter, pet sitter dog). You need to be careful as most of the participants are registered on their websites illegally.

Internet users who want to keep cats during the holidays should make sure that the cat owner has a Certificate of Knowledge (ACAD), formerly known as the Certificate of Excellence in Animal Husbandry (CCAD). This same sesame is issued by the council or DDPP (Department of Population Protection). Business activities in the animal kingdom are bound. Therefore, it is recommended to use a certified cat only, especially since he has a full load of pets for the duration of the contract.

The baby cat differs greatly from one place to another. In Paris, a daily visit costs between 25 and 30 euros, and in the region, it is between 12 and 18 euros. If the cat keeper is a full-time employee or even a night shift, the contractor must specify the time of day and night time of each hour depending on the price available from the district or other veterinarians.

Submit your cat to a foster family during the holidays

If you do not want to give house keys to anyone, and you will be away for more than three days, your cat can be kept by the foster family. He must have a certificate of competency, insurance, and accreditation by the DDPP (formerly Veterinary Services Department or DSV).

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