Time and again we have faced challenges while picking up something new. But you do not have to worry when it comes to Online Teaching as it is no rocket science. Just keep these few points in mind while conducting an online live session and you will be good to go.

Avoid Using a Distracting Background

It is essential to catch your students’ attention therefore while teaching online consider setting up your class with a minimal, less distracting yet appealing background as it will help your students focus more on the content and less on what is happening around them. A formal setup provides a formal ambiance to the session. You can put up boards, pictorial charts about the content as your background. As per a few studies, placing plants in the frame and sitting in bright light brings out positivity, making your students focus more on the screen and less on what is happening around them. Try to avoid a place where you believe will have a lot of background noise. If teaching from home, make sure you sit in a room away from the common spaces like kitchen, living room, or a room with television which may create a lot of noise. Try using background noise cancellation features available in some of the Best App for Teaching Online

Avoid Odd Hours for Live Sessions

With the coming up of Online Teaching, the time boundaries were broken resulting in scheduling classes at any hour of the day. Even though we now have the opportunity to have a class 24×7, it is prescribed that you schedule a class at a time which is convenient for all. If your course is being subscribed globally, it is best if you consider a time that is comfortable for all and is not falling in the odd hours for anyone. In such cases having students from a one-time zone becomes easier to manage. It is important to schedule a class at everyone’s preference as it will fetch you more participants and the number of people unable to join will be lesser resulting in your online sessions being more effective. 

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Avoid Rescheduling

Do not change the time of a scheduled session unless it is something urgent. Usually, people prefer online classes as it enables them to pursue more than one thing at a time, and considering that some may be having a tight schedule, rescheduling can put such people at a loss. The constant change in timings of the session will also reduce your learners’ interest resulting in fewer people joining the session. It also puts an impact on your professionalism and how serious you are in conducting your sessions. Try not to reschedule your live session at the end moment. If in case of emergency you plan to reschedule the session, it will be best if you take everyone’s consent about the new timings and date, and then pick the timings that is comfortable for the majority. Make sure you record the rescheduled session for people who will not be able to join due to the changed time. 

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Avoid Scheduling Long Sessions

It is said that humans’ average attention span is not more than 48 – 50 minutes and keeping that in mind you should try to avoid scheduling live sessions for more than an hour. You can extend the duration of the session if your class is eagerly participating and is ready to learn more in the same session. Having long classes can become monotonous making your learners eventually disinterested in what you are teaching. This will further result in them either leaving the class or sleeping halfway through and obviously, no one appreciates that. To avoid long sessions, plan your curriculum for the day beforehand. Make a framework of what needs to be covered and how much time will every topic take, this will help you stick to the allotted time for the session. If by any chance you are planning to cover more syllabus in a session which may result in the extension of the session, then keep it interactive and engaging. Plan activities that will make the session a two-way discussion rather than you just giving them a lecture. You may keep a doubt session or quiz in between to break the monotony. 

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Avoid Conducting Sessions from a Poor Connectivity Zone

The only expense that Online Teaching involves is a good network. Make sure that every time you are conducting a live session you are in a place with a good network and internet speed. Poor network quality can obstruct conducting a smooth and interactive session creating problems for your learners. It is advisable that you check your mobile phone or desktop for technical glitches and network strength before starting your live session. If you believe that you will not be able to handle all of the technical work on your own, then you can either take one of your student’s assistance or you can take the assistance of the app you have selected to teach on. In any case, try not to let the technical glitches and network issues obstruct the proceedings of your session. 

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