Surat – the Street Food Heaven – Foods to Try 

Also referred to as the Diamond City or Silk City, Surat is also gaining the impetus of being a leading street food destination. Fascinated travelers from all parts of the country and abroad come over to Surat to be mesmerized by the delectable range of lip-smacking street foods the city has to offer. There is no dearth of street food vendors or street-side stalls in the city wherein you can relish the ‘Oh-so-delicious’ foods of Surat. To enjoy your favorite dish in the comfort of your home, you can order food online from Swiggy Surat

If you are a food aficionado, Surat serves to be the perfect destination for you. As soon as evening arrives, famous food stalls in the city magically convert themselves into the favorite hotspots for everyone. As you gorge on some of the most delicious foods under the limelight of the street, you can immerse yourself in the amazing experience of the most lip-smacking dishes the city has to offer. 

Best Street Foods to Try Out in Surat 

Surat unfolds some of the most delicious street foods -right from Delhi’s chaat to Bombay’s vada pav, and so more. Surat has all that you would want out of the exquisite delicacies of Gujarat. Therefore, the next time you are in Surat, walk across the lanes of the footpath to access some of the most scrumptious food items. Here are some of our top options: 


The advent of Locho follows a funny story. During the preparation of the delicious Khaman, the creation of an irregular inconsistency led to the advent of this famous dish in the region. The Locho from Surat tastes surprisingly delicious as well as mouth-watering.  

The best part is that you can come across Locho on the menu of every street-side hawker. The dish features a slightly sweet spicy taste to enhance your taste buds. Locho is typically served with crispy sev and green chutney. It is a popular dish amongst Gujju people in the region. In some of the most famous street-side vendors, you can come across some of the most delicious varieties of Locho -like Italian or Schezwan Locho. If you are fond of Locho, you can order this dish online from Swiggy Surat.

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#Surti Sev Khamani 

Wish to eat something simple that still tickles your taste buds? The Surati Sev Khamani is your perfect dish. Made out of chana dal and a wide range of flavorful spices, Khamani in Surat features a spicy tangy taste that you would want to relish almost every evening in the city. You can order this dish online from Swiggy Surat as well. 

The famous Khamani from Surat is spiced up by combining a myriad of flavor-rich ingredients like chilies, garlic, ginger, and some sugar. The dish is garnished with the famous sev. This dish is quite popular amongst the locals for breakfast or evening snacks.


Are you on a diet? Be cautious! Ghari is one dish in Surat that will ultimately tempt you to simply forget all about your calorie counting as you find yourself immersing in this ultimately sweet dish of Surat. The sweet dish is prepared with pure ghee while being stuffed with an assortment of nutritious dry fruits. We bet you will not stop at one. 

Ghari has a special place in the hearts of local people who also prepare this famous sweet dish in their homes during celebrations or festivals. You can come across a number of vendors selling Ghari throughout the city. You can head over to any evening sweet store and come across the flavorful dish to make your trip worthwhile. 


Undhiyu refers to the divine combination of around eight special veggies that are grown in Surat. These veggies are cooked with intense flavors for several hours. The traditional veggie casserole of Surat is referred to as Undhiyu. The dish has derived its name from the Gujarati term “Undhu” -implying upside down. The veggies in this dish are stirred upside down in special earthenware.  

The delicious dish is renowned for its exquisite and succulent taste. The recipe is quite famous amongst the locals and is getting passed down through generations in almost every household of the city. Therefore, next time you are paying a visit to a local restaurant or street food vendor in Surat, do not forget to place an order for Undhiyu to enjoy Gujju food in its best authentic manner.  

#Ponk Vadas 

The advent of the winter season brings the delicious tastes of the famous Ponk Vadas in Surat. The dish is as delicious as it might sound. It is available as a crispy hot snack that makes use of Jowar as the primary ingredient. It is a mouthful yet healthy local dish you can enjoy during winter evenings.  

The locals of Surat enjoy chilly and foggy evenings eating the delicious platter of Ponk Vadas almost all their lives. When you are visiting Surat, go and visit one of the local roadside vendors to relish the delicious snack with green chutney and crunchy Sev. There is something unique about eating these roadside stalls -the taste of which cannot be found even in high-end restaurants. Therefore, you must give it a try at one of the famous street-side vendors.  

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#Nan Khatai 

Do you wish to take back the sweet memories of Surat as you are headed back? Nan Khatai is one such delicacy you should consider packing along while heading back to your home. Make your friends and family know and relish the famous tastes of Surat by serving them the popular Nan Khatai.  

This dish can be regarded as the Indianized version of western cookies featuring almond toppings. It is available as an eggless biscuit or cookie that melts smoothly into your mouth and enlightening your senses with its crispy sweet taste. 


Surat has so much to offer in terms of famous street foods. Whether you head over to the local street-side vendor or order online from Swiggy Surat, you will be delighted to taste and understand the local cuisines here.

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