Process of MOFA attestation in UAE 

MOFA attestation, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, is a process carried out by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is carried out to legalize documents originating from the applicant’s home country. 

The MOFA attestation is the final authority for verifying a certificate’s authenticity in the UAE. Once the MOFA seal is stamped on a document, it can be used for all official purposes in the country.

There are two types of MOFA attestation in the UAE. It includes Inbound MOFA attestation and Outbound MOFA attestation.

Inbound MOFA attestation is the type of attestation. It is required for individuals who are applying for a resident visa, seeking employment, or applying for a family visa in the UAE. Lawyers can also be hired for services and better understanding as per latest Laws. 

The applicant’s certificates or documents need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their home country before they can be recognized as valid in the UAE.

Outbound MOFA attestation is the second type. This attestation is for individuals who are leaving the UAE and require their documents to be attested in the UAE before they can be recognized as valid in their destination country.

The MOFA attestation process involves verifying various types of documents, it may include the documents mentioned below.

It may include Educational Certificates. This includes degree certificates, matriculation certificates, intermediate mark sheets, computer diplomas, private diplomas, technical diplomas, and other educational documents required for employment purposes.

Personal documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, fingerprints, death certificates, divorce certificates, police clearance certificates, and transfer certificates may require MOFA attestation.

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Commercial documents, such as Memorandum of Association (MOA), board resolutions, invoices, registrations, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), partnership deeds, and other commercial agreements, often need to be attested by MOFA.

To obtain MOFA attestation in the UAE, the original documents must be pre-attested by the relevant government departments in the issuing country. This is by the UAE Embassy located in that country.

After pre-attestation, the documents undergo a legal verification process at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. This involves imprinting the MOFA seal and signature by the designated officer or minister. 

Only after this process is completed can the document be used for applying for a family visa or other purposes in the UAE. MOFA attestation serves various purposes. It may include the following:

  • Obtaining an employment visa and labor card in the UAE.
  • Pursuing higher studies in the UAE.
  • Acquiring residence visas in the country.
  • Exploring international business opportunities.

The duration of MOFA attestation usually takes a few days but in urgent cases. It can be expedited to obtain an attestation on the same day. However, it’s important to note that certain documents are not acceptable for MOFA attestation. 

These include passports, domicile documents, identity cards, and documents related to immovable property.

Lawyers, attorneys, and Legal Consultants specialize in MOFA attestation services in Dubai, UAE. They have experience and expertise in assisting individuals with the MOFA attestation process. 

Whether it’s inbound or outbound attestation, professional and knowledgeable Lawyers can guide clients through the complete process. They assist the client at every stage from pre-attestation till the final MOFA attestation.

If you require MOFA attestation services in the UAE, you can contact Lawyers, law firms, attorneys, and Legal Consultants for assistance. They can help ensure a smooth and efficient attestation process, enabling you to use your documents legally and effectively in the UAE or abroad.

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