Netflix Subscribers decrease for the first time in a decade…

Everything at Netflix went just great for over a decade but just recently the streaming service reported that across the very first quarter of 2022 it had dropped over 200,000 subscribers.

To add salt, Netflix expects a global paid subscriber loss in excess of two million for the second quarter of 2022. This news is of course not in line with estimates that were expecting around 2.5 million subscribers to be added, rather than dropping out. This was also set to be boosted by hit series such as Bridgerton and The Adam Project.

The company’s total subscriber base therefore shrank to some 221.6 million a number that excludes over 100 million additional households that share the service across their homes.  

The Russian military operation in Ukraine is somewhat to blame as it saw Netflix lose its 700,000 strong Russian subscriber base almost overnight. It is also possible that an overall economic slowdown as a result of this conflict might have also had an impact on Netflix numbers.

Password Problems

The sharing of passwords was also highlighted by the Company as a possible reason for this turn of events and Netflix recently announced testing of a  new feature across Chile, Peru and Costa Rica where the system would suggest that subscribers pay extra if they were sharing Netflix with people outside their own houses.

As part of this scheme when registering Netflix’s Standard or Premium accounts subscribers in the test markets will be prompted to add sub accounts for other individuals they do not live with. 

Those selected as sub account holders will receive their very own Netflix login details and can also personalize their Netflix experience including view history and other lists. Such personalisation features are also possible due to app development in Melbourne.

In certain markets, especially those in developing countries, the sharing of Netflix passwords is all too common. In this case it is the financial situation of a particular group of individuals that encourages them to share the same password. The affluent might also want those less well off to have a shared cultural experience with them and Netflix is a great way to share cultures. 

Netflix still mainly competes with Hulu, Amazon and YouTube and despite being sort of ok with password sharing in the past, especially as the company believed that it would help others sample Netflix and realize what they were missing.

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Entertainment Variety

Netflix is all about variety and since its launch in 1997 it has been committed to showcase diverse content to a global audience. Fan favourites such as Strange Things and Squid Game have made Netflix a force to be reckoned with even having a spot at the Academy Awards as well.

From drama and comedy to romance or documentary Netflix has it all and it’s a very personalized viewing experience. You can even search for app development company brisbane and there will be some content or a show about mobile applications.

Netflix subscribers can keep tabs on what they have watched and also add content they want to watch in the future as well. Netflix is all about on demand content and if you happen to stop off somewhere during a program the next time you log on you can start right from that point.

When It comes to entertainment there are many different aspects and Netflix uses the latest cutting edge technology to bring entertrainment to millions of screens around the world.

Mobile app development experts Elegant Media can develop a mobile app just like Netflix so you can monetise your content with users from all around the world. 

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