Making sure your sleeper sofa is safe for your guests

Having a sleeper sofa can be really convenient, especially if you have frequent guests. Even if you rarely have such visitors, there are always times you could use a pull out couch. Family movie nights and sleepovers are both excellent reasons to make use of a sofa sleeper, and depending on your interests you could easily come up with many more.

But just as you need to keep your own beds in good condition to prevent illness or hazards, so too must you keep your pull out couch. Even though it is not being used, the mattress still deteriorates over time, just like everything else made of natural materials. In addition, the mattress and bed itself will get dusty, even if you use a mattress cover. 

Before your overnight visitors arrive, you should pull out the sofa and dust as well as you can. It can be very difficult to dust the crevices of the bed frame and the mechanisms inside the sofa, but it is very important if you have guests with indoor allergies or health conditions that make it hard to breathe. The best way to get the bed as clean as possible is to get a Swiffer type cleaning tool or a magnetic duster.

If the guests you have on occasion are very sensitive to dust and indoor allergens, a pull out sofa might not be the right answer. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t accommodate additional guests. You can now find a variety sleeper sofa design online that embrace the new modular furniture craze. Modular sofas are perfect for the occasional guest, because you simply manipulate the pieces to form the bed.

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These couches are very popular because, when formed into a bed, the modular furniture will take up less space. You should have a minimum of two feet of space available at the end of the bed to allow guests to move about it freely. If guests or household members use mobility aids, you should add another foot of walk space. 

Add that to the length of the full size or queen size mattress, and the It can be nearly impossible to free up the amount of space you need to accommodate a pull out couch. But a modular sofa could take up as little as 7 feet in total. That can be a huge benefit if your furniture is a bit cramped. In addition, you don’t have to remove (and find a place to store) couch cushions. You also don’t have to worry about flimsy mattresses wearing out or causing injury.

More importantly, these sofa sleepers are very easy to keep clean, maintained, and allergen free. Even though they are a lot healthier for your guests than the traditional hide-a-beds, you still need to clean it well between guests. You can do this easily by using a fabric disinfectant and a simple hand-held steam cleaner. 

When you consider the price of traditional sectionals when they first hit the market, you will notice that today’s modular sectionals are following the same trends. While they were very expensive when they first arrived in furniture show rooms, the price has come down steadily year after year. And, with the financing available at most local and online furniture stores, there is no need to endanger your guests’ health.

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