How to Manage a Successful Sprint Review? – A Guide for Product Owners

A Sprint Review meeting is one of the fundamental four ceremonies, the scrum-agile framework is established upon. With every sprint comes the need for a meeting where the incrementation is inspected and the product backlog adapted. The product owner, the scrum master, scrum teams, and stakeholders are all present in this meeting where they collaborate and converse about what went on in the previous sprint or what are the changes required in the products, or how to attain increased value. 

What is the Product Owner’s Role in the Sprint Review Meeting? 

The CSPO® plays an essential role in the sprint review. Their essential elements include:

  • Communicating the already performed backlog items and the ones left.
  • Talking over the backlog schedule and the view of the progress.
  • Inviting the team members and the stakeholders to the meeting.
  • Being the ambassador to the specific project and presenting the product roadmap. 
  • Assess the risks and impediments and their removal.
  • Collaborate with the scrum master on the process of collecting feedback from each participant present in the room, and distribute the needed feedback collecting materials before the start of the meeting. 
  • Work with other POs to perform a demo of the work done, and also operate a dry run of the same leaving out bugs and faults. 
  • Ensure the definition of done matches with the version of user stories. 
  • Also, talk over the pending work and why it hasn’t been done.
  • Last of all remember to work on your confidence since most of the burden on the managing of the review meeting is on you, being the needed bridge between the present members. 

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What is the Needed Flow for the Meeting?

The first and foremost task on the list is for the product owner to set the stage for the review meeting. It is the product owner’s duty to identify the goals of the sprint and explain to the stakeholders the broader view to understanding the progress so far. The development team then provides a demonstration for the stakeholders, of the potentially releasable product increment. The stakeholders then review if the scrum team’s delivery met their standard for the sprint goal. 

The next point of action is the product backlog – the done and pending items. The scrum team and stakeholders then discuss the received feedback and also the impending changes to the order of the product backlog, in lieu of newer business contact. The final plan of action is to discuss the plan for the upcoming sprint and collaborate towards the next new project.

Usually, a Sprint Review meeting is around four hours but it can be less and last of all remember to keep it light – A sprint review meeting is informal and is essential for boosting collaboration. 

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