How to Create an Amazing eCommerce Experience for Your Visitors

As a business owner, you must observe behavior analytics to provide your customers with a positive shopping experience. This will help you in attaining more sales and enhance the revenue growth of your company. As a customer, you will always look for a good consumer experience. Try to recapitulate your recent retail transaction that was online. If it was a good experience, you will return to them and even recommend their product to your friends. But if it was an unpleasant experience, you will refrain from returning. 

Here are ways in which you can create an amazing eCommerce experience for your visitors-

Try personalizing your website 

Buyers like having a personalized shopping experience. Try to offer your buyers personalized homepages. This means their homepages will show products that they have searched for or have in their order history. You should also offer your buyers the option where they can view the items they have recently searched for. You are also recommended to deliver personalized emails to your customers. This can be done by sending the users emails stating offers in the wishlist items. This will help stock up your revenues. 

Make your website user-friendly

You need to categorize your products under similar categories. Care should be taken that the products should be organized under relevant categories. You should keep the menu option at the top of every page. You can organize your products into various categories and subcategories depending upon their niche. 

Product Filtering 

This feature enhances the shopping experience of your customers. It allows the customers to undergo a refined product search while navigating eCommerce platforms. Since their search options get narrowed down, they can quickly find what they have been looking for. This filtering includes the additional filters on one particular product. Let’s take the example of lipstick. If the customer wants to buy lipstick, this product filtering will enable them to choose the color, price, texture, and more. Hence, the customer will be able to find the perfect product much quicker. 

Hassle-free checkout 

You are recommended not to force your customers to register using session replay software like WatchThemLive. They should be able to surf products via a guest account. Also, employ a simple and quick checkout process. It is likely for the customers to abandon and leave your website if the checkout process is complicated. If you can make arrangements that enable the customers to complete their checkout process on a single page, then that is beneficial. However, this is not also possible. So you can have a progress bar displayed at the top of your checkout page. In addition, it is good if you can employ the use of auto-fill. This will save their time as well as energy. It is irritating to fill up forms, especially from mobile phones. 

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Prompt customer service 

You need to solve the queries of your customers. To make this happen, you need to have smooth interactions with them. This can be done with the help of live chats, chat boxes as well as responses in social media. Many customers have certain questions that they want to clear before they make a purchase. With the help of interactions, you will be able to clear their doubts promptly and they will end up buying more products from your website. 

Provide a detailed description of your products 

Customers like to attain all information about the product they are looking for, at their fingertips. The ill-informed websites are not very popular. Enable your website with website visitor tracking and see what the details they are looking for in a product are. Supply the details to them and see your business grow.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Various websites are designed for laptops only. You need to make your website in such a manner that it works smoothly on mobiles as well. You need to keep in mind that today, everyone spends more time on their mobiles rather than their laptops. So to target these visitors, you need to have an optimized mobile website. 

Bottom Line 

Many customers abandon their planned purchases because of facing poor consumer experience. But with the help of these landing page optimization tools, you can improvise your website customer experience. Hence, use these experiences and let visitors enjoy shopping. 

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