How Can Radon Exposure Affect The Health Of Individuals?

Radon is a harmful radioactive gas that can cause diseases like cancer but it becomes more harmful as one can not see, taste, or smell it. It is usually found in the ground and formed by the breakdown of uranium. When this gas is mixed with our surroundings then it starts causing major health problems. However, it is known to be natural gas but exposure to radon is harmful. And the worst part is radon gas can affect the individuals in their homes too. Considering the same, radon testing in New Jersey is important.

How Does This Deadly Gas Affect Human beings?

The gas is mainly found beneath the soil and released in the form of gas in the air. When this gas gets mixed with the air we breathe in, it causes a harmful effect on our bodies. It enters our lungs and damages the tissue cell which further leads to diseases like cancer. However, the higher amount of exposure to radon only leads to lung cancer.

Exposure to Radon

Structures that are constructed into the earth, such as a house, colleges, or workplaces are more likely to get exposed to radon. The reason is radon can permeate from the earth and enter the home through fractures in walls and floors or small holes in a pipe or the spacing that is not properly packed or sealed.  Since radon can be confined in any closed environment, basement and ground floors are more likely to get the highest level of radon gas.

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Not just that, radon gas is also found in the water like reservoirs, lakes, rivers, etc. If your house has a well or you prefer drinking water from wells then the water can be contaminated by radon and necessary treatment is a must.

What Should Be Done To Protect Yourself From Radon Exposure?

The very first thing one must do is get their home and office building tested for radon exposure. There are various radon testing kits available in the market which can gather the data for you, But it is best to hire professionals for the job as they will know where the exposure to radon is high. Radon is usually measured in the picocuries. If the testing result indicated the level of radon higher than 4 then it is important to take action. There are various radon mitigation systems available that can help to reduce the radon levels.

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