Elementary School Ideas For Father’s Day

Saint Joseph’s Day has been always celebrated as father’s day among Catholics and most Europeans since the middles ages. This year to 19th Of June will be celebrated as the father’s day, a day of embracing fathers and father figures of people. Most kids await this day with great anticipation, looking forward to surprising their father with handmade or specially bought gifts that are tokens of appreciation. While some kids make gifts, others prefer being good children for a day and taking care of their fathers. It is a great way for children to learn the importance of having a parent in life that teaches and guides them to be good people in general and have a successful future in particular. 

Following the trend, institutions try their best to make students aware of the importance of father’s day. It might not have been as relevant last year since the pandemic needed everyone to attend classes from software for school management and learning to cope with this technological means was their prime focus. However, this year the situation has improved and allowed most institute ERP to focus more on encouraging other recreational backgrounds for the productive development of students. Here are some of those activities that elementary schools can adapt to prepare for this year’s father’s day;

DIY Cards

Cards are the ultimate go-to solution for most events. Whether it is a festival, event, birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, people find it convenient to get cards. For elementary students, teachers can try to step up the activity and ask students to prepare their personalized cards for the big day. 

Here are the materials they will need;

  • Construction paper, cartridge papers, handmade and marble papers for layering the cards
  • Scissors, glue, tape, and rulers for shaping paper and creating the outline 
  • Sketch pens glitter, colored pencils, and other materials students prefer using in making their card 

After preparing the physical structure of the card, students should try to write a few lines inside it to wish their fathers. It does not necessarily have to be in a flowery language, honest appreciation is the best thing kids can show towards their parents. Teachers can also make them learn some words or phrases which they might use in these paragraphs. Besides creativity, this also adds to their vocabulary. 

This activity must be performed under a teacher’s supervision since it involves cutting paper and using other materials for the preparation of the cards which can be toxic (sketch pens, colored pencils, etc) if inhaled or ingested accidentally. Teachers should inform the school administration beforehand on the prior day so that the necessary safe materials could be gathered for making cards.

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Stories On Father’s Day

Fathers are always heroes in the eyes of their children. Whether they perform enough heroic deeds or not, kids like to view them as saviors who can rescue them from any and every situation. 

Similarly, teachers should also dictate, act out, narrate or allow students to read books and stories on fathers in general if not about the day itself. It teaches them moral values and gives them a general idea about the strong bond between a father and a child. In case students prefer reading stories rather than being dictated by teachers, the most illustrated and attention-grabbing books should be selected from the library so that students develop a liking for reading books in general.

Essay writing


Essay writing is of numerous types, narrative, story writing, argumentative, and informative. In elementary schools, students cannot distinguish between the different types but are introduced to the general concepts of essay writing to improve their grasp of language and help them understand sentence construction. Grab the opportunity and assign them homework regarding Father’s Day, allowing students to write anything they want, an incident relating to their father, or what they wish to do in the future as fun activities with their father.

Teachers can also exclusively assign topics such as the best advice their fathers had given them, the best moments of life they have had with their parents, etc. This is an opportunity for students to learn and develop vocabulary skills and practice essay writing. When they are interested in the topic and eager, they write better by putting in an effort not only for marks but also due to their interests.

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