Class 9 English: Tips to write the answers in the right format

No matter how much effort you put in the preparation for the class 9 English exam, all your hard work goes to waste if you are unable to present your knowledge in the right way on your answer sheet. Students often suffer from stress, anxiety and nervousness when they enter the examination hall. The pressure increases so much that they forget things which they learnt during their preparations. Though the situation is natural and you can overcome it after some time, preparation will reduce this automatically. 

In this article, you’ll read some interesting tips that will help to eliminate unnecessary pressure so that you can write answers in the right format during your English exam. 

Tips To Write Answers In The Correct Format 

Go through the strategies given to help yourself to write answers in the best possible ways during your class 9 English exam. 

  • Use The Extra 15 Minutes In A Correct Way

Almost every school has welcomed the concept of adding extra 15 minutes in the total duration of writing the paper. This means that the students will be given three hours for writing the paper followed by going through the question paper for 15 minutes. This extra time will allow the students to read every question in the question paper thoroughly and make a rough plan in their mind on how they should attempt the paper or which section they should attempt first. This way, they can create a proper strategy for writing their exam smoothly and correctly without panicking. 

  • Set Your Priorities 

When you are reading the question paper, figure out the questions which boost your confidence and attempt them first. There is no such rule that you have to answer the questions in the same order as they are written in the question paper. You can attempt any question first, for which you know the correct answer. This way, you can build confidence in yourself and complete the paper on time. 

Moreover, this technique will enable you to spare some extra time on those questions whose answers are not clear to you. 

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  • Write Answers To The Point

Before writing the answers, understand their meaning. Try to comprehend what the question is asking you. Also, try to avoid writing huge paragraphs or something that has no relation to the question. At the same time, limit writing extra words and stick to the word limit. This doesn’t let the examiner get frustrated reading your answer. 

To understand this point better, here’s an example. 

Example- If you’re asked to write answers in 20 to 30 words in the literature section that contains questions based on Class 9 English Beehive, then you have to follow this instruction carefully.

  • Select Questions Wisely

Usually, students are given choices in some questions in the question paper. Here, a student can select any question from the given choice which he knows better. However, the tricky part of this facility is that the students often make choices based on their instinct. They think that they can attempt these easily but, the fact is that they often regret their decision as it was taken in a hurry. When it comes to choosing a question, it’s important to read the questions carefully three and four times and make a picture in your mind of what you are going to write as their answers. This will enable you to analyze your knowledge regarding those questions and help you to clarify any doubts.    

  • Try To Attempt Each Question

As we know that there is no negative marking for incorrect answers in the Class 9 English exam. So, don’t be afraid of writing answers to questions which you don’t know or understand. Even if you are confused, try to attempt all questions as you have nothing to lose. Read the questions thoroughly. Don’t start writing the answers in a single go. Try to comprehend the genre of each question and know its demand. If you know the answers, then go ahead with writing the answers. However, if you are unable to sense the question, then use your brain and try to write some relevant points as answers. Through this strategy, you can catch the attention of the examiner who might give you some marks if you have written the answer that is somewhat near to the actual answer.   

  • Keep Your Answer Sheet Simple

It is often observed in some students that they tend to attempt the question decoratively by using green, black and blue coloured pens or markers for underlining the important terms and headings. Decorating your answer sheet will not help you to gain extra marks. Rather, this takes your precious time which you could have used in thinking about the answers to those questions which you had left earlier. You are recommended to use only two pens while writing the exam: a black pen for highlighting the headings and a blue pen for writing the text. This will make your answer sheet look simple and also provide you extra time to attempt more questions.   

  • Space Out Your Words Properly

When you are writing answers in your answer sheet, make sure you space out each word properly. Don’t write too many words in a single line. If you squeeze words, then the examiner will be unable to read the answers. This may result in a reduction of your scores. Write answers in points where possible. Write in paragraphs if necessary, but make sure that the sentences are not  bunched up together. This way, your answer sheet will look neat and will enable you to add more words to your answers if you feel like adding something. Hence, your answers won’t be a mess.   

  • Go Through Your Answer Sheet

Once you have completed the question paper, go through your answer sheet at least two to three times. Before submitting your sheet, check what content you have written. When you read your answers, you’ll find some mistakes that need to be corrected. 

Also, check whether you’ve attempted all the questions or not. Make sure that you have written your name and roll number clearly before handling the sheet. 

Following the above tips will definitely help you to write answers in the right format. 

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