5 Movie Theme Inspired Gaming Worlds You Can Enjoy Today


A gamer can be a cinephile as well, and that is why game developers are trying to combine two of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. 

Suppose you are someone who is bored with the gaming plots and want to explore something new. How about getting into the plot of a movie you actually loved.

They are intriguing!

They have your favorite storyline!


They have excellent graphics, which makes you feel like you are someone in the movie as well.

In these games, you can either play as a character of the movie, or you can think of a brand new character to add to the storyline. There are a plethora of things that you can do and plots you can explore.

The possibilities are actually endless, and these excellent graphics are something to die for!

Because now, you are able to explore the areas which wouldn’t have been possible in a 2D film.

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Wait! Wait! Wait!

I know what you are thinking right now. What about the high-end affordability required in order to buy these games?

Well yes!

We have a solution just for that!

Now that you are asking this question. Let us talk about thenewpiratebay. This is a decentralized peer-to-peer domain that helps you get all the movies, tv-series, games, softwares, and many more just for free!

Yes, you heard it right. It gives us all for free. 

However, it is not exactly a crime as so many might think. This is because, according to the copyright claim, one can use someone else’s art as long as they are not making any money out of it.


Pirate Bay doesn’t make a single penny out of everything that people are downloading from this domain.

You just have to be a little careful and not click on every advertisement that you see on the page, and you will be able to browse pretty safely.

Movie Inspired Games

Now that we have gotten the solution for the high-priced game downloads, here is the list that you have all been waiting for. Once you decide which one to play first, get downloading.

1. Harry Potter

What could be better than getting first-hand experience of the amazing wizarding world just sitting inside your house? The latest version of Harry Potter PC games has upgraded their graphics to excellence.

Now, get sorted, and choose your enemies wisely!

Because your next duel might be round the corner, get points for your houses, join the famous classes as a Hogwarts student or play one of the main characters. The most exciting part would be seeing all the house’s common rooms. 

2. Nightmare On Elm Street

Let’s face it, we all have that love-hate relationship with Nightmare Of The Elm Street. However, a game where you literally get into the town and get chased by the infamous Freddy Kruger themselves should be scary.


Scary and pretty exciting!

We are sure you cannot wait to explore the game and see what difference you can do to escape the ‘dream killer.’

3. The Jurassic Park

The plot begins with the retrieval of these dinosaur embryos, which Dennis Nerdy lost and failed to deliver right before the first movie ended. However, this is not a game where you are running away from the scary beasts.

Rather the developers make it more fun as you build an effective park where the dinosaurs can thrive and evolve. The game involves discovering new species and getting a third-dimensional view of the entire Jurassic Park.

For any movie and dinosaur lovers, this movie is a safe haven!

4. Resident Evil

A movie game list would be incomplete without the infamous zombies taking over the town and a group of warriors fighting them.

So, we have picked the best one from the list!

Resident Evil is a mirror image of the movie where the Raccoon city gets overpowered by infected people turning into bloodthirsty zombies. All from water contamination. Will you be able to survive? 

5. The Matrix – Path Of Neo

It is a full-action game that follows the OG plot of Matrix. Yes, you will be living as Neo and controlling his character through the matrix world.

But, are you really?

Even in the game, you will be confused about what is real and what is all happening in your head.

Dive Into The World!

If you wish to dive into the world of your favorite movies, then these PC games are the easiest way. 

Get downloading right away, but fair warning; these games are very addictive. Plots after plots, and you wouldn’t want to come out. 

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