5 methods to increase Instagram following

You may enhance your online store’s Instagram presence and grow your network by using these suggestions. A group of potential future buyers. You can use these suggestions to get actual, live followers who are interested in your brand.

Why is it crucial that they are authentic?

Asking a friend to follow you or purchasing followers is pointless. After a while, people stop interacting with you, are no longer potential customers, and have no interest in your brand. You’ll have “walking dead” fans on your social network.

Work hard and provide high-quality content, and you’ll gain fans on your own. Yes, pull out your notebook and make a note of these suggestions for how to increase your Instagram following.

  1. Edit your profile first

Why? The simple explanation is that it is the first thing visitors to your Instagram account see. More people will follow a profile with an appealing design than one without one. Your Instagram profile needs to have a creative flair for this to work.

Include a profile picture. Post a picture of anything that will help users recognize you right away, such as your brand emblem or the exterior of your actual store. Make an effort to make it your profile picture on any social media platform.

Your profile’s name should be changed. The ideal thing to put would be the name of your online store, but if you want to dress it up, you can add a popular hashtag associated with your brand or the name of your industry. As an illustration, the company name is Sensei Typology, and the Instagram handle is Sensei Watches, Sensei Jewelry, etc.

Improve your bio. It is the longest section of your profile and allows you to provide additional details about both your online store and yourself. The location, your operating hours, or a catchphrase. 

Here, you may let your creativity and imagination run wild while gaining new Instagram followers.

Establish calls to action. It is the area visitors enter before reaching your Instagram feed. Now is the moment to create calls to action and seize the chance to encourage people to visit your online store, follow you, send you a message, or give you a call.

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  1. Employ the proper hashtags

Labels and hashtags might help you arrange your posts on Instagram. They let users locate you when they conduct a hashtag search. Additionally, it is a double-edged sword since if you abuse them, your postings may suffer.

What rules should you abide by when using hashtags?

Use Goread.io hashtags associated with your brand. You may use general tags, particularly if they mark occasions like Valentine’s Day. However, including them in every post will just result in fleeting likes and expose you to profiles that are not likely to become customers.

Ideally, look for hashtags associated with your expertise using tools like tagsfinder.

The tool is straightforward and multilingual; all you need to do is enter the phrase, and the platform will tell you which hashtag is suggested for that “keyword.”

Limit the number of tags. Instagram only permits a total of 30 hashtags per post. Even if you might surpass that threshold, we advise that you choose your content carefully in order to target the proper audience.

Additionally, from an aesthetic standpoint, a few hashtag lines are preferable to a paragraph that at first glance appears to be a smudge in the description. To make your work easier, you can copy and paste the hashtags that you frequently use into a document.

In other words, the typical hashtags for a fitness store could be “#healthy, #fit,” etc. These tags can always be used with your images, and if you discuss a particular subject, such as a healthy dish, you can also use a hashtag like #recipe or #fitfood.

  1. Employ the proper filters

Before publishing, edit your images and videos and apply filters to improve the aesthetic appeal of your content. Utilize them appropriately. You can use the ones that Instagram provides, or you can use other programs to modify the photographs before uploading them. Is whether you submit a photo with or without a filter really that important?

This is what this graph from the marketing platform Trackmaven states. This platform conducted research to determine the correlation between photographs published with filters and those published without.

You can see from the graph that despite only having been used for a short period of time, the photographs with filters have received a lot of engagement. Has a longer usage time and nearly the same dynamic range as a shot without a filter?

  1. Post when it’s most effective.

To determine when it is ideal to publish your content, use a network management tool.

You’ll have more interactions as a result, giving you an advantage over your rivals. For instance, you can utilize the optimization tool from iconosquare, which offers a free trial.

You can also use Metricool, which provides free publishing advice.

The big gray circles in this iconosquare graphic indicate when your community has interacted and when they advise you to post. The times when the most content is posted on social networks are indicated by the black circles.

With these tools, it will be simple to take advantage of your competition, and you can check it in under a minute. Additionally, you can schedule your postings to save up time for other activities.

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  1. Obtain Instagram followers from rivals.

You can get better by keeping an eye on your competitors and get help form https://goread.io/buy-50-instagram-followers. You can gain inspiration from their postings, learn from their mistakes, or connect with their followers to invite them to join your community.

How do you attract followers from your rivals? One of the typical tactics is to display your account to certain users as I did in my trial.

What was it made of? With users who were watching the competition, I shared these three recommendations:

  • Observe her Instagram feed.
  • Esteem their writings
  • On their movies or photographs, leave comments.
  • My experiment demonstrates that this is effective. I started by following 100 of these rival followers. Later, I liked 100 more of their photographs and followed them. Finally, I followed 100 more people and commented on their images. Results?
  • 14% of followers return the favor.
  • 22% of followers also like to follow back.
  • 34% of the followers who liked the post also followed it.

It’s simpler for them to contact you if they are aware that you exist. Since your rivals are invested in the same market area as you are, this is a technique to attract genuine followers. Your objective now is to keep them there with the help of your content.