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Will Large Vehicle Fleets Ever Go Electric?

by Ragini Salampure
Will Large Vehicle Fleets Ever Go Electric?

Adaptability and changing with the changing times is the only way to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic world. 

In today’s modern world everything is changing at a rapid speed. These changes are visible everywhere and in every industry. For companies that provide fleet services, it is important to look at the prospect of energy usage. 

As renewable fuel sources like petrol and diesel are touching sky-high prices and will go extinct one day. It is important to move forward to the modern solution of power.

The modern solution that seems much more effective and cost-saving is going electric. It will not only save cost but will be more environmentally friendly. As we are expected to face a climate crisis soon it is important to make crucial decisions.

Companies like Tesla motors introduced fully electric cars recently. Shifting to an electric source for powering your fleets can change the game for your business. 

Can large vehicles run over electric power? What changes will you face while shifting to electricity? In this guide, we have tried to help you with these questions. Read to learn more!

How can electric vehicles change the way for fleet businesses

How can electric vehicles change the way for fleet businesses?

Electric vehicles are having the potential to change the game for fleet vehicles. 

Fleet management is becoming more accessible and manageable with the introduction of tools and systems like fleet management apps, fuel tracking systems, vehicle tracking software, GPS truck tracker, and much more.

The shift towards electric energy aided by the use of asset tracking softwares and fleet management app in your dashcam trucks can change the fortune for fleet businesses.

Initially making a shift from liquid fuel to electric energy can be a little costly as electric fleet vehicles are a new asset in the market and are quite expensive as compared to Internal combustion engine fleets.

Initially, you may find the cost to be a little higher while making the shift but future returns can compensate for the price very easily.

Fleet vehicles that run over electric energy can reduce your maintenance cost by a significant factor as there is very less requirement for maintenance on a timely basis. 

The electric fleet vehicles do not experience much wear and tear as compared to fleets that run over the Internal Combustion Engine.

Even charging stations are getting introduced at a higher frequency with a very cheaper rate to allow the mobility of electric fleets. 

The coming of electric cars from Tesla Motors has changed the game for fleet vehicles and in the future, we may see several companies shifting to electric energy for the fleets.

Benefits of Shifting to Electric power source

There are many benefits of shifting to electric fleets. We have listed the ways how can your fleet business receive the benefits of shifting to an electric power source-

  • The first thing is the safety standards of your fleets. A fleet vehicle that runs on an electric source is safer and more protective for the driver as compared to fleets that run on liquid fuels like petrol and diesel. It is because the electric power source or batteries are installed at the bottom of the vehicle and spread the center of gravity to a larger area. This can stop the vehicle from rolling over the road during a road accident.
  • An electric vehicle does not have any type of combustion going on while it is running over the road. In the case of liquid fuel fleets, they run on the combustion energy of the vehicle and can cause a lot of damage to people sitting inside the fleet in case of a crash.
  • Electric vehicles run on an electric source and there is no requirement of an internal combustion engine and this makes the vehicle safe and secure.
  • Another advantage of running an electric vehicle is the sharp reduction of cost. In comparison to liquid fuel or gasoline, the electric energy is much cheaper.
  • At present petrol and diesel are touching sky-high prices and will continue to do so as they are present in a limited amount in nature. Shifting to resources like electric energy provides long-term solutions and ensures the future of your fleet business.
  • Another thing is that petrol and diesel are highly combustible fuels. In case of a road accident or a short circuit, the vehicle becomes extremely vulnerable to fires and explosions. 

Shifting to electric energy for fleets provides more safety and less expenditure on fuel and being nature friendly at the same time.

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There is a general shift from non-renewable resources to renewable resources at present. 

Electric vehicles are the future of the human race as they are cheaper, environment friendly, and easier to manage. 

Shifting to electric vehicles, in the long run, will be the most accurate option to remain in the fleet game. 

The advantages and the increased efficiency of electric fleets promise that fleets will go all-electric very soon.

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