Here’s Why the Demand for Rental Properties in Kochi and Secunderabad are Increasing

Here’s Why the Demand for Rental Properties in Kochi and Secunderabad are Increasing

The decision to select a city in India to live in is a query most people have. Each person has their individual needs and job aspirations. Still, they think about the safety factor, positive ambiance for growth, education for kids, etc.

India is rich in tradition and culture, but it is also hard to find a place with high job availability, low pollution, and a balanced infrastructure. Keeping these factors in mind, Kochi and Secunderabad are the best cities for you to live, work and settle with your family.

Finding rental properties in Kochi

Located in central Kerala, Kochi is known for its several attractions that encourage thousands of visitors each year –ancient temples, sun-kissed beaches, quaint markets, colonial-era buildings, spellbinding art, and a lot more. But, there are many more to this thriving, bustling city that you might not know about, especially if you have lived outside the state or even the country. The proximity to serene places and the cosmopolitan city ambiance are the major advantages of settling in Kochi. Living in this city got better with the launch of the metro.

Interestingly, Kochi has lots of excellent places to reside when surveyed on several counts like the industries growth, infrastructure, the potential for further education, the opportunity of further growth, and so on. The flourishing port city of Kochi made several jobs for graduates, thanks to the popularity in the IT sector. A few of the most excellent places to reside and look for Kochi flats for rent are Pachalam, Edapally, Mamangalam, Thripunithura, Kakkanad, Ponekkara, and Fort Kochi.

Kochi has the infrastructure to be the developing hub for startups; the State Government has offered several shops under the Startup Mission and set up business parks and cyber parks to encourage IT companies in Kochi. Most of these firms cater to foreign clients; they make a valuable foreign exchange for the country, which is a huge bonus. With medical tourism growth in the city, it gives rise to ancillary employment and business prospects in the city; patients who come from abroad for treatment usually come with family and stay for an extensive period. This means an enhanced need for Kochi flats for rent. The medical tourism sector backs various industries, and the scope for employment and business is huge.

Flats for rent in Kochi

In the earlier years, the city has been the center of attraction for major real estate development, and people coming here for employment from other parts of the state and country are looking for Kochi flats for rent. With a highly sophisticated Kochi metro transit system and great infrastructure, the quality of living for people in Kochi has improved. This has unlocked greater opportunities for those looking forward to renting apartments or flats in Kochi. Kochi has several areas that are ideal for both nuclear and joint families. The leasing areas of the city are considered among the more rapidly expanding areas and are one of the best options for Kochi flats for rent. They offer vast access to present-day amenities and various services that lead to a luxurious life. Having rental apartments in these areas will guarantee that you dwell within the city limits and keep a healthy distance from the congested city. Due to such expansions, it has become an extremely attractive idea for people to come and live in Kochi.

Finding a rental house in Secunderabad

Real estate in the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad has seen both horizontal and vertical growth in the last decade. Several property options are available that suit the buyer’s budget and requirements. It is thought that the dwindling land bank in Hyderabad is paving the way to Secunderabad’s real estate. As people from other areas of India come to Hyderabad for jobs, the city is getting populated. With less accessibility of land for development, Secunderabad realty is experiencing an upward trend. There is a vast land parcel still present in Secunderabad. With excellent accessibility to Hyderabad, the commercial and residential properties development in Secunderabad has enhanced, and people are looking for rental houses in Secunderabad. 

Areas in Secunderabad that are experiencing great demand and are predicted to yield good returns on investments in the future are Sainikpuri, Alwal, Uppal, AS Rao Nagar, and Padamrao Nagar. Several new projects for rental houses in Secunderabad have been growing in the city because of the availability of land and home buyers’ preference because of proximity to Hyderabad.

Why is Secunderabad an affordable option?

Areas in Secunderabad offer affordable rental options as here you can still find rental properties within budget. The locality is experiencing an increase in the population in the current years due to its proximity to several commercial complexes in and near Secunderabad, such as:

  • Offices of companies like ITC, Coromandel International, and Infosys
  • Industrial areas of Bolarum, Moula-Ali, Ghatkesar, and Uppal Bhongir, Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD), Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), and ECIL

If you are searching for a rental house in Secunderabad, you can consider areas like Sainikpuri, Old Bowenpally, West Marredpally, Padmarao Nagar, and East Marredpally. These are well-developed areas with good public infrastructure and connectivity, and the rents are also quite affordable.

Finding flats for rent below INR 10,000 in Secunderabad is not difficult. There are several flats in Secunderabad available for rent to choose from that offer easy access to public transport, nearby stores, and more.

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